Modern technology stacks and integrations tuned for delivery speed, security, scale and performance

Tools of the trade

We work on a wide range of projects. Through the years we have adopted a battle tested suite of tools to tacke challenges across them.

PHP & Laravel

Unless we have a good reason to do differently we stick to PHP & Laravel to deliver secure back ends for web applications. Performance and reliability are among the highest.


When data is the core feature of the application and machine learning is involved we develop the back end services in Python.

Database of choice

Most applications are backed by a database. Our database of choice is PostgreSQL for its performance, NoSQL capabilities, full text searching, efficient geospatial queries and much more.

React & React Native

Our choice in developing all Javascript front ends and Single Page Applications. Testability, large support, great development team and features to enable faster time to market. We use React Native for mobile development.

Tailwind CSS

Helps us translate brand constraints and guidelines with high fidelity. We are able to deliver user interfaces that are clean, on brand. We think of it as a design language for CSS.


We do extensive work with serverless technologies to deliver websites that are fast, interactive and search engine optimized.

Providers of Choice

We make sure to work with providers that provide exceptional quality and high security standards. Stripe, Twilio, Sendgrid, DigitalOcean, AWS and Google Cloud are among our most trusted providers, with all of them leading the way in innovation and security.